The Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System provides a performance-based evaluation that leads to improved student learning by supporting the continuous improvement of educator practice.

The DPI Educator Effectiveness Team implements and improves the Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System to ensure that educators receive quality data to identify and inform individual areas of: 1) strength; 2) needed improvement; and 3) ongoing support for professional growth.

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April 11, 2014 - District-created examples and samples
Materials used to plan for and implement the EE System provide resources for use or modification. These resources are focused on: 1) communication; 2) resources/training support; and 3) technology.


April 2, 2011 - Updated Equivalency Information for Non-Instrumentality Charter Schools
New legislation allows non-instrumentality charter schools to apply to use an evaluation of educator practice other than the WI State Model for 2014-15 and beyond. By April 15, 2014, schools must provide notice of intent to apply. The application & all supporting evidence must be submitted on or before May 15, 2014. The Equivalency Info Brief also includes this update.


March 28, 2014 - UPDATED:  Decision Status: Consistent, Flexible, In Discussion/Development
Provides up-to-date guidance on the WI Educator Effectiveness development.


March 5, 2014 - NEW:  Evaluator Info Brief
This 2 page information brief provides guidance on the requirements for evaluators of teachers and principals, evaluator capacity, and support sources for evaluators.


Feb. 17, 2014 - Step 2: Overview Online Module:

This 1-2 hour self-guided online module provides an overview of the Educator Effectiveness System. Teachers, principals, and their evaluators will complete this module. Evaluators must complete prior to Step 3 Training. Teachers must complete prior to Step 4 Training.


Feb. 11, 2014 - Sample Three-Year Implementation Plan for Building Leaders

A chart to help district and building leaders successfully implement Educator Effectiveness over a three-year period for mandated educators.



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Decision Status: Consistent, Flexible, In Discussion/ Development


Step 2: Overview Online Training Module


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