Teachscape is the online evaluation/observation management tool used by the State Model of the Educator Effectiveness System. It is aligned with the Danielson Framework for Teaching and is comprised of three different systems:

Learn - Professional Learning System that features a professional development content video library and training modules. Teacher training modules on the Danielson Framework domains and components are located here.

Focus - Observation Training and Assessment System for Teacher Evaluators.

Reflect - Observation and Evaluation Management System.

Training within the Teachscape Platform

All evaluators of teachers will complete certification and training prior to observing/evaluating teachers in 2014-2015. Review Teachscape certification for more information.

DPI recommends but does not require teachers to complete The Framework for Teaching Effectiveness Series 2013 training modules in Learn to gain deeper understanding of the Danielson Framework for Teaching.

DPI is developing professional development for evaluators of Principals.

DPI Training on Using the Teachscape Platform

Several screencasts and screenshots outlining the completion of evaluation processes in Teachscape Reflect have been provided in online modules and organized by by when each step of the process is completed in the Summary Year of an effectiveness cycle.  These Step 4 Deep Dive online modules can be found in our EE Professional Learning on Demand resources.

Teachscape Licenses

DPI will coordinate the purchase of Teachscape licenses for districts using the state model of evaluation.  Different types of licenses are being provided to district staff based on the needs of their roles in the evaluation process.

Districts now have the ability to create new licenses directly at the district level.  District EE Coordinators and/or their designees can make additions and revisions in the User Management System (UMS) within the Teachscape Platform.

Certain types of access and requests for access must be submitted directly to Teachscape, for security reasons, by the only the district EE Coordinator.  Those requests include:

  • access to Focus Observer (for evaluator training and certification)
  • access to the User Management System (UMS)
  • access to the Reflect Evaluation Administration Management (to assign lead evaluators and evaluation plans)
  • data reports

Continued Improvements

Teachscape is committed to improvement of the system and platform. DPI is working closely with Teachscape to ensure that the platform effectively supports the Educator Effectiveness System. Pilot feedback has informed changes and revisions to Teachscape evaluation management capabilities.

Teachscape Technical Supports

Several resources are available to assist with technical issues and support.